Who We Are

At Black & Cherry Real Estate Group we have more than 20 years+ combined experience within the Las Vegas and Henderson real estate markets. 

While our experience and expertise stems from our affiliation with former internationally recognized franchises, the benefit and progressive abilities of branching off into an independent brand made themselves clear upon experiencing Nevada's economic turn of events and rapidly changing real estate market and client profile. The conscious decision to pursue a forward-thinking, more relevant model than that of a traditional franchise was the best one we have made to date. 

Changing times call for changing methods and measures, especially within our industry. Black & Cherry Real Estate Group and Property Management understands that more than 90% of today's consumers visit the internet and do their own research prior to contacting a real estate agent or property manager. We have the advantage of being able to brand ourselves and serve our clients with flexibility and creativity, and are constantly progressing and updating our methods of client communication, search functions, dissemination of information, marketing, and processes to best facilitate our client's needs and personal preferences.  

Whether you are looking for Las Vegas property management, traditional real estate listing and buying services, or securing a rental property with more than 70 licensed professionals, 18 property managers, and plenty of support staff we have you covered!


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